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Lay-By Policy


This Lay-By Policy of SOVIET should be adhered to at all times and is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008.

Lay-By Terms and Conditions

1. A lay-by is a system of payment reserved for customers of SOVIET retail stores, whereby a customer pays a deposit on an article, which is reserved for them until they have paid the full price.
2. Identification documents must be provided for verification on entering into a lay-by agreement (“Lay-By Agreement”).
3. The Lay-By Agreement will state the date when the Lay-By Agreement begins (“Start Date”).
4. A minimum deposit of 25% of the contract price is required.
5. A date of completion must be agreed upon and stipulated in the Lay-By Agreement (“Date of Completion”).
6. The customer must pay the contract price in full on or before the Date of Completion.
7. The item/s will remain with SOVIET until the contract price is paid in full.
8. The Date of Completion can be for a maximum 3 (three) months from the Start Date.
9. The item/s will be kept for a maximum of 3 (three) months from the Start Date.
10. When item/s are collected, the identification document, verified in terms of clause 1, must be provided.
11. On cancellation of the Lay-By Agreement before the Date of Completion, a 1% cancellation penalty on the contract price will be charged and the balance will be paid back to the customer in cash.
12. The 1% cancellation penalty will not be charged if the customer’s failure to complete payment was due to the death or hospitalisation of the customer.
13. Items purchased in terms of a Lay-By Agreement are subject to the SOVIET Returns Policy.
14. Customer Care Line + or