The key to success is in the “who”, not the “what”. Our human capital is what sustains growth, along with a modern, sophisticated approach to running an effective organisation with effective people.

The Group has a passion for the fashion industry, which is why we keep challenging our employees to be innovative in their work. Fashion is, after all, for people to wear and enjoy. Fashion must be people-centric. It’s the perfect fit. Our continued success is due to retaining talented and highly skilled people who have the desire to perform at their absolute best.

The 5 key pillars of our employment strategy are:

  • Working together and driving performance
  • Providing training and development opportunities
  • Being inclusive and representative of diverse cultures
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment
  • Rewarding our people


Simon Tung-Cheng Wu


With a devotion to the world of fashion, Simon set up a garment trading company in South Africa after completing his studies and making a name for himself in the Taiwanese textile industry. Simon became a pioneer of the industry on the African continent by establishing solid logistics networks, reliable supply of quality products, and credit facilities to enable bulk movements of textile products. This allowed him to secure contracts with major retailers and wholesalers, culminating in the creation of PCC, which would later become part of The Group in 2012.

Caroline Margaret Hardman


With an accounting background and extensive experience in planning and buying across apparel departments, Caroline has worked as a specialist in male clothing and footwear at various organisations. She has also successfully taken on managerial roles in retail chains, increasing her knowledge and making her a valuable asset within the textile industry. With the acquisition of Soviet in 2010, Caroline was appointed as Merchandise Managing Executive of Footwear, and subsequently promoted to MD in 2017.

Martin Louis Greenberg


Martin established his own retail store at the age of 19. After running his business for 12 years, he moved into the wholesale trade, developing branded ranges, sourcing products, and selling to independent traders. Martin also has extensive experience in identifying fashion trends in line with the relevant brand identity, designing and sourcing the range, as well as selling to key customers and chain stores. After spending time with two major wholesalers, he joined the management team of Soviet as the Product Executive. He was promoted to the position of Managing Director Responsible for Product in 2017.

Executive Members

Paul Chieh Chung Shih


Paul’s managerial experience spans across the subject fields of product development, general manager, human resources and finance. His involvement in these areas, which involved debt collection, disbursement of salaries, assigning service providers and CGIC administration, singled him out as the person to head up Soviet’s shipping and procurement operations, as well as handling the groups property portfolio.

Jan Martin Beekhof


Jan’s career began at Acorn Impex as a driver and Warehouse Manager, while also managing and controlling stock. He played a dual role in purchasing goods from local suppliers, helping to both source them and to confirm that the supply chain element was looked after. He joined PCC as Supply Chain Manager, overseeing Dispatch and Warehouse Management, as well as Customer Relations regarding quality and distribution. These events culminated in his appointment Logistics Executive when Soviet Group was formed in 2012.

Darren Glazer


After qualifying as a chartered accountant CA(SA) and completing his articles at PKF, Darren entered the commercial financial environment, working for The House of Busby, a retailer and wholesaler of international branded fashion concepts.

During the 10 years at Busby, Darren held various senior and executive financial positions and was involved in several group corporate structuring transactions.

Subsequent to Busby, Darren joined Scoin Trading as the Chief Financial Officer for a period of 2 years, before joining Soviet as the financial executive in June 2018.

Darren also obtained an MBA, with distinction, from Wits Business School’

Junior Executive Members

Ian Currie


Ian has 32 years of experience within the retail industry. He started his working career as a Military- and then Commercial Diver, before moving to the retail sector. He was part of the inception and growth of Total Sports, spending a total of 16 years with the company. At Total Sports, he started out as a Footwear Specialist, but worked through the ranks to eventually become Regional Manager. He thereafter joined Dunns as a Divisional Manager for a period of 6 years, overseeing 72 branches across 4 Countries. He then joined Sportsmans and Outdoor Warehouse for 6 years before joining the Soviet group in 2015. 

André Dumon


With a background in the Humanities and majoring in Economics, André moved into the freight industry after having spent time in the research sector. Starting at the Soviet Group of companies as an Inbound Logistics Coordinator, he is now the company’s Supply Chain & Operations Officer. The role entails the development and implementation of business practices that ensure optimal performance, as well as evaluating and updating policies, processes, and procedures. He is also involved in the operation and management of the flow of goods, services, information, and financial resources.

Zain Lutchmia


Zain started his career in 2005 at Dunns as a Merchandise Allocator and worked his way up to Planning Manager, thus giving him a vast amount of experience on all planning facets across Apparel and Footwear. He later joined Skye Clothing in a merchant planning capacity.

In 2015, he was appointed by Soviet as Planning Manager for Retail Stores and has subsequently been promoted to Group Planning Executive in 2017.