Terms & Conditions

1. It is important that you read the Loyaltyworx Terms & Conditions and the Loyaltyworx Privacy Policy carefully to ensure that you understand what you are eligible for, what communications you can expect and how to ensure that you receive your Loyalty Points. The Terms & Conditions can be found under the “Settings” area of your Loyalty Profile. If you do not comply with these Terms & Conditions, your membership may be terminated.

2.1. Download the SOVIET App.

Android- https://bit.ly/2Wp4LET

iOS- https://apple.co/2CI3i54

2.2. Click on “Loyalty Program” in the menu.
2.3. Follow the sign-in instructions.
2.4. You are now ready to earn Loyalty Points!
2.5. We need your permission upon sign-up for you to have access to all benefits.

3.1. Exclusive access to deals and promotions.
3.2. Earn Loyalty Points for every Rand that you spend.
3.2.1. Minimum Spend Requirement: A minimum spend to the value of R300 is required before Loyalty Points can be earned. Once a customer spends over this threshold, they will be given Loyalty Points for all spend over and above the R300, as well as for the initial R300 already spent in order to qualify for the Loyalty Points.
3.3. Receive notifications to keep customers up to date with SOVIET’s latest news.
3.4. Redeem any amount of available points you wish for any future purchase.
3.5. The App allows subscribers to view a summary of all currently active promotions.

4.1. The following purchases will not be included in your Loyalty Points calculation:
4.1.1. Online purchases (only in-store purchases will qualify for Loyalty Points).
4.1.2. Gift cards.
4.1.3. The value of any products returned to us.
4.1.4. Clothing alterations.
4.1.5. Delivery fees.
4.1.6. Sale items.
4.1.7. Discounted items (items not being sold at their original, full Retail Selling Price).
4.2. The following stores do not form part of the SOVIET Loyalty Program: Soviet Gateway; Soviet Acornhoek; Soviet Burgersfort; Soviet Hazyview; Soviet Nelspruit Riverdale; Soviet Nelspruit Plaza.
4.3. SOVIET cannot be held responsible for any guaranteed benefits that are not received or received late as a result of circumstances beyond our control.

5.1. It is important that the correct contact information be provided when signing up for the SOVIET Loyalty Program.
5.2. Certain benefits will only be sent to you by e-mail, sms or via our App. Please ensure that SOVIET always have your correct contact details to ensure that you receive your benefits.
5.3. SOVIET cannot accept responsibility if you do not receive benefits due to you providing SOVIET with the incorrect contact details.

6.1. Ten (10) Loyalty Points is worth R1 (For every R10 spent, ten (10) Loyalty Points are earned, where this is equivalent to R1. So, if R1 is spent, then 1 Loyalty Points are earned, which equates to 10c.).
6.2. You must spend a minimum of R300 on a single transaction to start to earn Loyalty Points (see Clause 3.2. above).
6.3. Loyalty-Point-related deals will be communicated through SOVIET communication channels.

7.1. In-Store:
7.1.1. Log onto your Loyalty Program profile through the SOVIET App.

7.1.2. To Earn: Tell the cashier your loyalty number or have them scan your loyalty profile barcode, (both found in “View Card Details” on the SOVIET App)

7.1.3 To Redeem: Tell the cashier how many points you would like to redeem.
The cashier will scan your unique profile barcode (found in “View Card Details” on the SOVIET App). Or you can tell them your loyalty number if you do not have your phone with you.

    8.1. If you have agreed that SOVIET may contact you for marketing purposes, SOVIET may send you promotional offers for products and services which may be of interest to you based on your past shopping behavior.
    8.2. You may also subscribe or unsubscribe at any time by emailing SOVIET on support@sovietdenim.co.za.
    8.3. Information about special offers and other Loyalty Program benefits are not promotional material. They are guaranteed benefits for qualifying Loyalty Program members. If you are a member then you will receive them automatically.

    9.1. To learn more about how SOVIET uses your personal information, please refer to SOVIET’s Privacy Policy.
    9.2. SOVIET uses your personal information to create a profile for you: Your personal information is kept private and used only to help SOVIET provide services to you.

    10. GENERAL
    10.1. SOVIET reserves the right to withdraw or cancel your participation in the SOVIET Loyalty Program if SOVIET considers you to have acted contrary to these Terms & Conditions.
    10.2. SOVIET reserves the right to discontinue the Loyalty Program at any stage.
    10.3. SOVIET reserves the right to make amendments to these Terms & Conditions at any stage.
    10.4. Your participation in the Loyalty Program may be disallowed, suspended or cancelled if any of your accounts with SOVIET are in arrears or if these accounts are not in general good order and standing.
    10.5. Your Loyalty Points may not be transferred to anyone else.
    10.6. Only the person to whom the points are issued as the account holder may use the issued points.
    10.7. Loyalty benefits accrue to primary holders of the Loyalty Program user profile; there are no secondary users on a profile.

    11.1. Please refer to the SOVIET Returns Policy for in-store purchases conducted with Loyalty Points.
    11.2. If Loyalty Points were used during a purchase that you wish to return, the Loyalty Points will be reversed for a refund.
    11.3. If Loyalty Points were earned on the purchase for which a return is now desired to be done, the Loyalty Points will be reversed for a refund.