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Soviet x OVC Home

Soviet has recently undertaken a project that hits very close to home. We have reached out into our community, OVC Home and orphanage, to give back to our society and to help others that are unable to help themselves.
OVC Home based in Pretoria forms part of a greater non-profit organisation, PEN. They currently look after 12 foster kids aged between 8-21 and provide all necessities for them from food and shelter, to schooling and education assistance.  

The aim of Soviet supporting this initiative is to spend time with the kids, add value into their lives, better their current living situation and ultimately offer up our time and resources to assist in any way possible.

We started this initiative last year July on Mandela day. The Soviet CSI team went to the home, planted a veggie garden, gave them collections, prepared and had lunch with them, and did an overall clean-up of the premises where they lived. After that we had several visits with them to either have lunch, do an activity or give them monthly collections. We also identified specific needs per month which we collected at Soviet to give to them. We made point of it to give tailor-made birthday gifts to the kids to make their day extra special.

We have also tried to broaden the horizons of the children and took them to the Pretoria Zoo. This was not only for a good time but also an environment where they could learn and be inspired. 

Over the months we have gone on weekends to simply spend time with the children by either playing board games with them or having lunch with them. We have also supported them at various events and performances that they have been a part of to be invested emotionally into the children's lives and not just assisting them with their basic physical needs.

Year-end celebration: The children came over for Christmas lunch hosted at Soviet HQ and gave them each a Soviet gift and personalized gift (where staff members teamed up and bought something personal from each of their wish lists).

A big undertaking Soviet took was to completely re-vamp the OVC Home kitchen. This kitchen was non-compliant with Health and Safety regulations, which could ultimately cause the OVC Home to be closed down. We took on the challenge and provided them with a brand new kitchen for the staff and children to enjoy without the worries of being injured in the kitchen and with the peace of mind that their OVC Home is now compliant with regulations. 

In 2020, we have the vision to continue to sow into the home and its children in any way possible. We have also planned to have our brand ambassador, NaakMusiQ, visit the home during the course of this year to inspire the children that they too can succeed and reach for the stars!

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