What is the loyalty zone?

The loyalty zone is a space where our loyal online customers can gain exclusive access to some of our best and most exciting styles before they launch ANYWHERE else.

This provides an opportunity to place a pre-order on the latest and hottest stock items before anyone else, but most importantly before they are sold out.

The loyalty zone will also have EXCLUSIVE products and promotions tha can only be found on the loyalty zone.

How do I qualify?

You need to have created a profile/account at checkout and placed a minimum of one order with us online or through the app to qualify.

How can I access the loyalty zone?

The loyalty zone is only accessible through our app which you can download here

Find "Loyalty Zone" under the drop-down menu on the Soviet app and sign-in to your account when prompted.

You will only have access to our loyalty zone if you have placed an order with us before with a created customer account.

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order means that you will be placing an order for an item/s that is not yet in stock, but will be arriving soon. This gives you the opportunity to make sure you secure your pair of shoes before anyone else or before they are available in Soviet Retail outlets. Note that a pre-order will require you to follow the checkout process and to make payment just as with any other order. 

What are the delivery times?

Because a pre-order is not in stock yet, delivery times will vary anywhere from 10-20 working days from the time of placing your pre-order. A pre-order delivery will still reach you before stock is available ANYWHERE else!