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Article: #Sovietscent



Soviet Eau De Perfum- The Scented Journey
Nothing is more memorable than a smell. A smell can trigger memories and induce emotions that can leave you yearning for more. At Soviet, We endeavored on a scented journey that has been years in the making. We traveled far and wide to seek out our own unique #sovietscent so that we could complete your identity through the sense of smell. 
We sought to find scents that would give our customers the fondness of smell.  We wanted a range of perfumes that would add that extra bit of class to any occasion. A perfume that makes you feel that you are never fully dressed without spritzing yourself before leaving home.
The journey through the hills of elegance, and valleys of seduction lead us to these four stunning #sovietscent.
Rose and L'amour, for the powerful woman who seeks the attention of others as she strides into the lime-light. The high quality oil based perfumes will linger wherever you go, leaving a trail for your potential suitors.
Wanted and Noir, for the mans man. These scents speak volumes and give you a sense of the accomplished gentleman; a cultured man that is revered and respected. A scent that will have people obsessed with wanting more
Rose, collaboration of rose, champagne, peach flower and queen wood ingredients. The sophisticated ladies fragrance is perfect for day or night use.
Wanted, seductive, exciting with a fresh muscular scent for the gents. has a woody fragrance, with notes of tobacco and caviar.
Noir,  combined top notes of pink pepper, mint, lemon, pineapple leaf, cardamom, kumquat and mandarin orange.
L’amour, top notes of lychee, quince and Kiwi, with a jasmine, orchid and white chocolate mid, finishing it off with a musk, orris root and woody note base.
Mission objective: Spread and smell the love!
Now that Soviet created these treasured chalices, the next objective was to take it to YOU, our loyal and royal customers. The kingdoms of Wonderpark Shopping Centre and Mall of The South were graced with #sovietscent where you could relish in the power and magic before your eyes! Those that could not withstand the temptation purchased their chosen chalice for just R299.
A few kings and queens were also given the royal treatment and had the #sovietscent delivered to their door and were knighted with the task to spread the news with their loyal followers.
Want to get your hands on your very own? follow the link to enter!

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