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Article: The art of Denim, the science of living.

The art of Denim, the science of living.

The art of Denim, the science of living.

When shopping for a new pair of jeans, most of us are spoilt for choice. From different styles, colours, and textures, it is almost impossible to only get one. At Soviet, we are passionate about denim, in fact, we are so passionate that denim is in our “jeans” (see what I did there?)

Our long history in the business has afforded us the experience and knowledge we have today to create and produce high quality, comfortable and affordable denimwear just for you.

We understand every body type is different and finding the right fit can sometimes be a challenge. So, to make your denim experience with us more pleasant, our denim fanatics have put together an easy-to-understand fit guide.

Before we get into that, lets drive into the different type of denim lifestyles we offer. Our lifestyles are designed around you. For every occasion, every stage of your life, we have a denim for you.

At Soviet, we believe that our denim is divided into four different lifestyles or ranges, depending on your needs. 


Icon speaks for itself - This lifestyle is our basic and core items that we stock throughout the year. It is “iconic” in that it can be worn with almost anything at any given time and not seasonal specific. Most of our basic T-shirts and garments are also available in the Icon range.


Authentic is for everyone, it is defined by our saying “Real People, Real Denim”.  From different colours, washes of fabric, scratches, rips and many more. There is something for everyone.  


Edge is all about unapologetic fashion. This lifestyle is for the young, fresh, and bold.  It has endless attributes to the washes of the fabric, press studs, scratches, rips, and repair details are more defined. Edge is available in the #4 and #9 denims.


This lifestyle is for the mature and corporate customer. The denims are less edgy and more simplistic to cater for a smart- casual feel which can be worn at the office or a smart formal function. The Italian Flag makes the denims unique and classy. The Italian flag trims, press studs and finer details make up the quality of the apparel, especially the denims. All the denim fits are available in this range.


“At Soviet we use superior Denim fabric to produce the highest quality Jeans with the specialised washes and finishes for that Authentic look.”

Now let’s get to finding your perfect fit.

We have for main numbers – our numbers refer to the cut and style of the denim. These denims are available within the different lifestyles

The Number 4 (#4): This is the Soviet Skinny Denim; it’s a tapered denim and a stretch denim fabric must be used to achieve the fit.

The Number 9 (#9): This is the Soviet Slim Leg Denim, less tapered than the Skinny #4 and a stretch denim fabric must be used to achieve this fit. It is a more comfortable fit and aimed at most age groups, form the young to the mature.

The Modern Fit Number 9 (Modern Fit #9):  This is the Soviet Slim Leg Denim, however, is a slimmer fit than that of the #9 due to the stretch of the denim fabric used. This denim fabric contains more spandex than that of the #9 and other regular stretch denim fabrics and aimed at most age groups, from the young to the mature.

The Number 12 (#12): This is the Soviet Straight leg denim either fabricated in a stretch or a rigid denim fabric. It is a more comfortable fit and aimed at the mature customer.

It is an ever-changing sphere of the fashion realm, and we hope we’ve made it easier to decide on your next Soviet Denim.



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