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Who we are

Pretoria Clothing and Caps Pty Ltd t/a Soviet Denim is a leading brand management, sourcing, trending & design, wholesale, and retail company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The prime concentration of the group is in the SOVIET brand, with opportunities being explored in diversification across the varied market segments and product categories in the identified trading territories.

As an innovative organisation, The Group offers energetic, expertise-driven, and seamless brand management solutions across the value chain.

Our Values

The Company strives for excellence by offering unsurpassed service and unrivalled innovation in an organised environment where integrity, trust, honesty, and teamwork are fundamental to success.

Innovation is The Group’s key strength, proven by its history and current growth. The Group’s innovative character is further fuelled by creativity, a talent-backed penchant for the fashion industry, a desire to perform, and an ambition to evolve organically to remain ahead of the competition.

Our Vision

  • To be the most successful brand management company in South Africa.
  • To nurture a successful network of partners and build mutual loyalty with both suppliers and customers.
  • To be the employer of choice in the brand management and fashion industry.
  • To support communities and promote socio-economic upliftment.

Our Mission

The Company aims to be market and industry leaders in each of its five core competencies: brand management, sourcing, trending & design, wholesale, and retail.

The Company aims to harness these competencies in designing growth strategies for brands, from bespoke marketing to consumer-focused supply chain services. We focus on consumer retention and satisfaction to promote growth, stability, and profitability. The Group is consequently committed to delivering creative and fashionable products with uncompromising quality to customers. We are proud of the Soviet Group and the role it plays in providing the world with the confidence and ability to look good and feel great.

The Company will continue to pursue desired brands to the consumer through tailored brand strategies.