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Article: Soviet & Jedd Degenerous release their latest hit single!

Soviet & Jedd Degenerous release their latest hit single!

Soviet & Jedd Degenerous release their latest hit single!

Known for collaborating with major South African influencer brands such as NAAKMUSIQ and Miss South Africa, Soviet Denim is taking a different approach to its collaborative efforts for 2021.


In 2021 Soviet Denim has partnered with emerging rapper/singer/songwriter/producer - Jedd Willson aka Jedd DeGenerous. The Voice SA season 3 contestant best known for his mad skills in harmonising on a loop pedal, has been commissioned by the brand to create a song that encapsulates the iconic slogan of Soviet: Real People, Real Denim.


Partnering with the emerging markets, affords Soviet Denim, the unique opportunity to get involved from an early age of the budding artist, giving him the opportunity to leverage off our network and already established brand in the hope that it will assist him in catapulting his career – says Soviet’s spokesperson Leon Haasbroek.


Soviet has invested in a unique and different form of collaboration. We have decided to partner with Jedd since both brands align in the sense of spreading humility and kindness whilst addressing real ‘day to day’ issues. We wanted to involve ourselves in something that helps consumers connect with us in a genuine way, says Soviet Denim Marketing Manager – Dane du Plessis.


We have chosen Jedd as his aspirations are similar to most of our own: to be humble, to succeed and to be giving, says Etienne Rousseau – Digital & eCommerce Marketing Manager.


We aspire to be the front runners in the creative industries, collaboration space. We are one of, if not the only clothing brand that has ever collaborated on a fully commercial song in South Africa. We wanted to create something that identifies with our ethos, but that also relates to our consumers. The song REAL DREAMS – provides us the opportunity to connect with our Soviet community as it links to their interest in fashion, music, and entertainment. This also gives our brand the privilege to give back and invest in local artists that have global potential to reach that potential… continues du Plessis


This Collab was very special to me because of the relationship I have with my mom, and all the stuff she’s been through. I wrote this song with a lot of the emotions I had growing up. The goal I had in my head when writing this song was to connect with real people going through real struggles and I’m hoping my words will make a difference by changing the way people think and act in these everyday situations they experience. One thing I’ve lived by my whole life is that you can’t be ashamed or embarrassed of your past. Your past makes you who you are today and all the struggles you go through makes you stronger, not struggles, but rather lessons, because that’s what they are – says Jedd Willson


Real Dreams out now: 

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Loving the realness. A good reminder to stay humble and not forget your passed is a testamony.

Lara dos Santos

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