The Trans Trend

The translucent trend evolved some time ago and has since immersed into a sought-after style.
The trend accelerated when high end designers wanted a spin-off of the iconic look: air technology in their shoes.
Other international brands that have succeeded in creating their own translucent trends are- Alexander Mc Queen, Chanel, Prada and many more.


It provides our classic and retro shoes with a futuristic look, that’s new and unique, adding fresh inspiration to our existing range.
The TPU material used to make the translucent soles is what makes these shoes so different.
This TPU material offers the following characteristics:
o It makes the shoe more elastic and resistant to oil/grease.
o It makes the shoe more shock absorbent.
o It is TRANSPARENT unlike many other midsole materials.
o It’s on trend, light weight and easy to wear and pair with any outfit or style.
The Soviet translucent styles are called: Viper, Ayanda, Pandora and Barca. They are available in both men’s and ladies’ sizes and are available in an array of colours to suit each season.

"The Gift of giving"

Soviet shared the love by gifting @kerukisten two pairs of shoes in the Trans Trend range. As part of our community and keeping it real, Keru enlightened us with her story on gifting, sharing one of her pairs with a person she felt was worthy and deserving. See more about this story below. 

@quinxxysworld showcased how he loves to wear Soviet and how mad about the product he is. Grab some inspo and walk with Quincy as he styles our Soviet shoes his way. 

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