How to safely shop online

How to Safely Shop Online

The first sure way to shop securely is to stick to familiar brands, such as Soviet, with their own website and mobile app, and with great customer service to help you with any online payment issues or order-related concerns. Check whether the online store has contact details listed, like Soviet does, and then try those details. Seriously, give us a call and talk to us. We welcome any interaction with our customers.


Look for the lock. Check whether there’s a little padlock next to the web address. This means the site is secure and has the relevant security certificates to ensure your personal information is encrypted and safe. Or, to be more technical, SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption is installed. You'll know if the site has SSL because the URL for the site will start with HTTPS instead of just HTTP (Note: The full URL is sometimes hidden, in which case you’ll need to simply right-click the browser’s address/location bar, and chose to have the full URL shown). 

Shop where it’s safe. It’s always better to shop online using your own internet connection. If you can, then avoid using public Wi-Fi hotspots since there’s a better chance of fraudsters intercepting your personal information, usernames and passwords over a less-secure connection.

Use our app (Soviet App). When using apps to make purchases, make sure you download the app directly through the official retailer. If you’re not sure whether the app you’ve downloaded is the legitimate version, you can always contact the retailer for assistance. If you prefer using the website, then save your favourite shopping sites to avoid typing in the wrong address. It’s a good idea to bookmark your most trusted shopping sites.

There's no real need to be any more nervous about shopping on a mobile device than online with a computer. Simply use apps provided directly by the retailers, such as Soviet’s app. Use the apps to find what you want and then make the purchase directly, without going to the store or the website.

Only make payments online using safe, trusted payment gateways (online payment methods) such as PayFast, Peach Payments, PayPal, etc. Whenever possible, use credit cards, since your purchases will usually be insured. If you accidentally enter your credit or debit card information into a malicious website or reply to a suspicious email with that information, immediately contact your credit card company.


We hope that these tips are useful and that they will help you to shop more safely. As always, if you have any questions, then feel free to contact us via mail at or on the phone at +27 (0)11 061 0500.


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